Terms of use



1) The purpose of this site is to help fellow collectors, so please try to complete the database, we expect more involvement from registered users than read-only visitors. Help if you want to be helped.

2) Each member may have a single site account. All registers are approved manually in a 24-48 hours period.

3) Users must use a real mail to register, fake or temporal mails won’t be accepted.

4) Inactive accounts will be delete after 1 year for reasons of site optimization.

5) Many images are sent anonymously and we don’t know their source. If you’re the owner of any image uploaded on this site, please complete the form located on the right (on computer devices) or below (on phones and tablet devices) the page and we’ll link to your site. We’re sorry in advance.

6) It takes both time to check and search informacion, so please, SHARE IT everywhere with the buttoms enabled in each page, but DON’T COPY lot of information for personal projects. Remember that European law protect intellectual propery of databases. We’ve inteligent software that reports us and blocks visitors if it suspects that’s copying information continuosly, so take this rule seriously because blocked users won’t have access to any section of this site.




Last update: 4th of February 2018


Thank you for reading and respecting this terms, now go have fun!