Terms of use



1) Each member may have a single site account.

2) Users must use a real mail to register. Accounts with temporal mails will be blocked.

3) Accounts with more than 12 months of inactivity will be deleted.

4) Only registered users can create and manage collections and wishlist.

5) It takes both time to check and search the informacion, so please, SHARE IT everywhere with the buttoms enabled in each page, BUT DON’T COPY lot of information for personal projects. Remember that European law protect intellectual propery of databases. We reserves the right to block visitors and users without notice if suspects that is copying information for personal projects.




1) Each member may have a single DISQUS account.

2) NO personal attacks, trolling, spam or hate speech. Please, report all messages that infringe this terms.

3) Users can share their own sites or blogs on comments if it provides extra information or if justified, but spam is not tolerated. If you spam you will be reported as a spammer to DISQUS and other Spam monitoring agencies, which may result in auto-moderation or subsequent banning upon further infractions.

4) Don’t share prohibited content:

  • Pornography links, videos or images.
  • Download links (e.g. White Dwarfs, Codex, Army Books, etc.)
  • Software content that can damage computers or data such as viruses or malware.


Last update: November, 13th 2017


Thank you for reading and respecting this rules, now go have fun!